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US-1611804-A: Molding machine patent, US-1611834-A: Automatically begistebih g- feedeb patent, US-1612712-A: Domestic appliance patent, US-1613073-A: Solvent-recovery apparatus patent, US-1613300-A: Cinematographic film stretching patent, US-1614528-A: Combined stoker and feed-water pump patent, US-1614638-A: Accelerator foot rest patent, US-1614699-A: Shock absorber patent, US-161471-A: Improvement in sewing-machines patent, US-1614981-A: Apparatus for regulating the speed of continuous firing of automatic weapons patent, US-1615577-A: Bottle patent, US-1615651-A: Beam and joist chair patent, US-1616124-A: Hydrocarbon burner patent, US-1616470-A: Rock drill patent, US-1617039-A: Curtain and shade bracket patent, US-1617182-A: Ammonium-nitrate explosive patent, US-1617602-A: Horse collar patent, US-161804-A: Improvement in steam-radiators patent, US-1618589-A: Bed, folding bed, or any substitute for beds patent, US-1619101-A: Toy building patent, US-1619419-A: Frictional-unit control for multidial radio sets patent, US-1619719-A: Display background patent, US-1620302-A: Cigarette holder patent, US-1620812-A: Apparatus for driving railroad spikes patent, US-1621168-A: Towing device with safety device against capsizing for tugs patent, US-1621510-A: Ensilage cutter patent, US-1621964-A: walker patent, US-1621988-A: Last patent, US-1622121-A: Adjustable impulse generator patent, US-1622752-A: Inclination indicator patent, US-1623014-A: Traction chain patent, US-1623487-A: Gas heater patent, US-1624054-A: Tooth-cleaning device patent, US-1624081-A: Drinking fountain patent, US-162413-A: Improvement in cooking-stoves and steam-heaters patent, US-1624253-A: Clasp patent, US-1624267-A: System and means for dispensing foods and commodities patent, US-1625025-A: Spring wheel patent, US-1625087-A: Cotton chopper patent, US-1625205-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-1625828-A: Water gauge for boilers patent, US-1625830-A: Pipe-threading die patent, US-1625857-A: Method for making mop heads patent, US-1626051-A: Factubing co patent, US-1627231-A: Detector and method of controlling the same patent, US-1627802-A: Attaching means patent, US-162801-A: Improvements gr patent, US-1628325-A: Corn-husking machine patent, US-1628796-A: Air-propelled novelty device patent, US-1630340-A: Telegraph system patent, US-1631065-A: Barge-unloading apparatus patent, US-1631582-A: Device for milling polygonal holes patent, US-1631692-A: Felted fabric and process for the manufacture thereof patent, US-163203-A: Improvement in glue-pots patent, US-1632356-A: Inflatable toy patent, US-1632582-A: Engine-cooling system patent, US-1632840-A: Combined case and razor holder patent, US-1633169-A: Swimming shoe patent, US-1633275-A: Awning for windows patent, US-1633840-A: Glue patent, US-1633984-A: Brake of the expanding-shoe type patent, US-1634095-A: Shock absokber for spring vehicles patent, US-1634233-A: Door-opening device patent, US-1635121-A: Antiholdup device patent, US-1635350-A: Sand, emery, or other abrasive paper, cloth, or the like patent, US-1637037-A: Wire spool and carrier patent, US-1638250-A: Flower receptacle patent, US-1638758-A: Plant-spraying apparatus patent, US-1638834-A: Iron salt of 2-phenylquinoliney-4-carboxylic acid and process of making the same patent, US-1639273-A: Screen patent, US-163930-A: Improvement in mirrors patent, US-164018-A: Improvement in washing-machines patent, US-1640261-A: Card game patent, US-1640376-A: Tube-repairing clamp patent, US-1640571-A: Fuel economizer for internal-combustion engines patent, US-1642564-A: Mold patent, US-1643494-A: Burglarproof booth patent, US-1643718-A: Device for examining tubes and cavities in the body patent, US-1644205-A: Ellipsograph patent, US-1644296-A: Cable connecter patent, US-1646066-A: Transforming machine with symmetrically-subdivided flux for the control of traction motors or the like patent, US-1646303-A: Pan scraper patent, US-1646515-A: Moisture-controlling device patent, US-1646583-A: Rebound check with lubricating system patent, US-1646634-A: William frank sutherland patent, US-1647081-A: Stovepipe holder patent, US-164726-A: Improvement in children s swings patent, US-1647332-A: Vector-sum volt-ampere meter patent, US-1647347-A: Circuit-closing device patent, US-1647619-A: Airplane patent, US-1647937-A: Preservative and process for forming the same patent, US-1648457-A: Liquid-delivering system patent, US-1648482-A: Manifolding device patent, US-1649521-A: Magnesium alloy patent, US-1650383-A: Rock-drilling mechanism patent, US-1651609-A: Safety device patent, US-1651640-A: Lighting equipment patent, US-1652498-A: Green-pea viner patent, US-1653482-A: Flux applied in soldering aluminum and its alloys patent, US-1653781-A: Antiskidding device for vehicle wheels patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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